Reminiscing – Makes Me Smile

We are coming up on our one year wedding anniversary. In less than a week. This year couldn’t have gone any faster! I’ll write a sappy post after our anniversary next week, as we have action packed weekend to celebrate!

My life long dream is to plan weddings for a living! So when we got engaged in 2013, everyone and anybody that knew me, knew this would be planned to a T, my OCD would take over, I would want to plan and organized everything to the finest detail, with of course our budget in mind. (ha, budgets…)

This is something I’ve always dreamt of as a little girl, and with the perfect husband to be standing next to me, let our wedding be everything and more of what I could imagine! We planned and organized for those 2 years, bought as we found things on sale, and hope it would come together without a problem. I can say it was beyond perfect, minus the slightly chilly fall day in Michigan on November 7th, 2015. But it was doable and our family and friends sat through the outside ceremony and had a blast inside for the rest of the evening.

My mother passed away 7 months before our wedding, it was a long ugly battle against Cancer, which fought for over 5 years. She must have knew she needed a warmer, and better seat in the house. And that she had. There were memories of my mother and grandmother all around me on our special day and some just that I knew of. Those two women in my life who meant so much to me, had the honor to be a part of my bouquet and a beautiful arrangement in the reception.



My dress actually came in the day before my mother passed, I couldn’t leave her bedside to go pick it up, but I showed her tons of pictures and told her she would be proud!



Ryan and I chose to do a first look, we had a late ceremony and knew we wanted our pictures outside, while it was still daylight.



My dad means so much to me, he has been the only figure constant in my life. And we might have had our ups and downs, he still is my father, and I love him dearly.


We took a little golf cart ride to a near area, and took some romantic photos on the hillside. These were something we knew we wanted, and will love the rest of our lives.

The reception area was decorated with fall items, desserts, pine cones, leaves, and laughter. We had our guest sign a Globe, instead of a book, to go along with our travel theme! I handmade the chandelier that hung in the middle of the room, out of butterflies for the memory of my Grandmother, and mom. It was such a great addition to our important day!

November Ceremony isn’t for the faint of heart! But it was worth every minute, to say I Do to my best friend, with our most important family and friends near by! I love this man, from this day forward!

I was the crazy bride that took the whole week off and decorated the room herself , minus the linen and drapery people, I high jacked my sister and decorated this beautiful room. We knew we wanted an open space with lots of windows and natural light. This room did just that. We did a different seating chart as we names our tables places we have traveled to, and make a map with tags. Pine Cones dip in wax were our favors, as the light up the world in our love. Such a huge hit, and we continue to keep a few of these in our camping bin!

My little sister surprised us with a speech/rap to Ice Ice Baby, about Ryan and I, and how we met and the last 8 and half years. It is on youtube!

Ryan is an avid duck hunter, so we had mallard ducks as our cake topper, they will become Christmas ornaments and hung on the tree this year! Ahh I am so looking forward to eating cake again this weekend.. 🙂

To end this wonderful evening we did some dancing of course, with our parents, and each other, and the rest of our family. We also didn’t do the typical photo booth, we hired caricatures to draw our guest for a few hours. It was a huge hit! Everything was a huge hit! Married my best friend, good food, lots to drink, laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. It was the best day of my life! It couldn’t have gone any better! I thank God for Ryan in my life, and the love and support he gives me, even if I did go over budget… Love ya honey! I love looking back on this day all the time, we should have the album here in a couple weeks, and I can’t wait to start on our scrapbook. This man is my life, and my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him!

~They lived Happily Ever After~

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