Did someone say CANDY!!

Side Note – I need to get back in the swing of this blog!

But… I freaking love Halloween, beside Christmas this is best Holiday!! It’s the beginning of the End of the Year. Its full of scares, laughter’s, and silliness. Our house is decorated as much as we can, and every year we add more and more. Like everything else in life it is a work in progress.


We have been having some family issues in the extended family, and been spending ton of time with the people that need us the most. So we spent some time earlier this month with my dad and sister, and enjoyed a neighborhood Halloween party out in the country! It was nice to spend the extra time with my dad, and get him to laugh and enjoy life again! Much Needed For All!

Ryan and I suck this year, and did the basic, oh lets go as cowgirl/cowboy. Hey but I think we pulled it off just fine!


Friday – Our school put on its first Trunk or Treat, it is kinda weird Em is 9, and we have never been or decorated for such an event. This was a blast, I love seeing everyone cars all done up and decorated, and of course all the kids, especially the little ones, who might have been by the truck at least 6 times.


Halloween Bash at Zap Zone is how we spent our Saturday afternoon, While the rest of the state watched the Michigan/Michigan State game… Go Blue!! We entertained 20 – 4th graders, filled them with junk food, and sent them home! This is Em 5th Annual Party, it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! We might just have to add the adults soon, and make this a true party!


Life kinda got away from us the last few weeks, and we ended up just recently doing our pumpkins over the weekend! Whelp at least we know the squirrels won’t have a month to eat them.


We each have an artistic side when it comes to our pumpkin carvings, and this year was no different. Emily is really getting the hang of these sketches and rocked this year at completing her kitty by herself. Couldn’t be any prouder!


As we head out to get as much candy as possible, with our little soul taker.. (Yeah, she hasn’t been anything cute in years). Good Luck Parents, and remember we all get to taste to make sure the candy is good!! 🙂



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