Really America.. This is the best we GOT!

It is becoming extra hard to listen to the news lately. Between Trump taxes, Hillary’s missing e-mails. The extreme bashing that happens continuously on social medias, by family, friends and news channels. Do you ever wonder what the heck other countries think about us. I mean come on… There are millions of people in the United States and we came up with a person who is a business man, some say a failed business man, and a crocked politician who uses a personal e-mail for work. Republican vs. Democratic. Who will win this year? Who will pull out all the numbers in  almost a month to become the new president. Will America have the first Woman president, or Mr. Trump.

I have been Republican my whole life, my views always lean to the right and I have always voted that way. This year though I am really weighing all the options ..the views and policies, the changes and control that this President will have of the supreme court.

Trump – Bankrupt multiple times – doesn’t that make him an entrepreneur. What the amount he has lost to the amount he has made. In order to make it some have to fail. He avoided taxes, aren’t we all guilty of this, how many claim they gave a little more than did to the church this past year..

Clinton – Lied in court – deleted emails – hid emails – failed the last 30 years being the right ear to the President and having so much power in politics. What will change? Will she actually help the Middle Class, will she bring  new jobs, move the country in forward thinking…

This year comes with much debate, we are voting for the lesser of two evils. I will be voting, (because this is our job) and probably won’t decide until I am driving to my polling location.



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