My last year in my 20’s!

September – Back to School, Apple Picking, Hoodie Weather, Bonfires, Fall, and ………..MY BIRTHDAY!

It’s my 29th birthday!! I am officially in my last year in the 20’s. Spent the last the house, taking our daughter to her first orthodontist appointment (which lucky for her we wait till more baby teeth fall out), church meetings, dog to the groomers, carpets cleaned and ADULT-ING..But took a day out of the week to celebrate with the ones who mean the most to me! There are some things that you don’t take for granted and it is everyday you have on this earth with your loved ones!..

Ryan beyond spoils me! I am definitely lucky when it comes to gifts, love and time with my husband. We spent last Friday night at my favorite martini bar. I know some people are like “Eww Martinis” well at this place you will find one that you like. They are so delish! Any flavor you can think of! The one shown above, half margarita half  martini! PERFECTION! 

I share my birthday now with my best friend’s youngest. So what other way to spend an awesome Saturday then outside celebrating Wy’s 1st Birthday!! Her kids are like our kids, we are Uncle Ryan and Auntie Angela. However, they seem to have dropped the Auntie part recently still adorable as heck! Ryan and I don’t “plan” on having any more so this is as close as we get to baby time … living through our friends and family!

On top of just the party itself , my friend Kari and I would love to own our party planning/wedding celebration business one day, doing arts and crafts, celebrating all things in everyone’s life, doing the organizing and the decorating would be heaven for both of us. She and I go somewhat over the top when it comes to having themed parties.. and with all these 30th birthdays coming up soon… I just can not wait.. but maybe in our 10 year plan we can convince our husbands to spend a small fortune getting a new hobby going into a business.


Wy’s party was over the top circus theme, with the whole nine yards.. well minus the elephant rides.

Saturday night after clean up and the kids went to bed, we headed out to celebrate my birthday. Ryan and I a year ago on our honeymoon did one of those “Escape Games” and had a blast, it was so cool trying to solve a mystery and try and get out of the rooms. We rounded up all our friends and headed out to Royal Oak and played a game. We didn’t make it out in the 1 hour, and it wasn’t at all like the one we did in Pigeon Forge. But everyone seemed to have a great time, and enjoyed the calm night out. We finished off with food at Buffalo Wild Wings, you know you’re getting old when BDubs is where you finish your birthday celebration at midnight.. 😛


But it was all in a all a great birthday, between the laughs, sleeping in, friends and family it was so worth it. I am so blessed for the life God has given me!


I can not wait for this year to come… but first we move onto my favorite part of the year.. Holidays on top of Holidays!!


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