-the dress some people only wear once-

You shop and shop and shop…
You go to different stores, you feel the fabric…
Do you want lace…
Do you want silk….
Tulle is in this year….
Wait what color do I get?!
Style… tight, ball gown, floor, ankle…
Do I just get what my mother wants?!

So many questions, so many concerns in picking the perfect wedding dress..

My dress shopping experience was like everyone else’s I think, decisions decisions, decisions…

You walk into the big box store, and get treated like you’re no body. (I didn’t even bother at one of these places) I absolutely always tell Brides-To-Be to try at least one boutique when trying on your wedding dress. Big box stores, are just there to sell you a dress, I know I wanted to feel important throughout the wedding planning.. Wanted to walk in and get the glass of wine, have comfy chairs for my family members and  to just relax. To do something wedding related and not to feel rushed, or ever lose track of the salesperson, while you stand around in the dress you know just won’t do. Why does she keep disappearing?!

Schedule the appointment and go to the boutique! I did, I went multiple times, I flipped back and forth in what dress I wanted… I went with different people, with family, with friends and finally by myself. I actually put the deposit down without anyone there. I am like that though.. I need to just think.. without all the opinions… and boy do your family members have opinions when planning a wedding… Just you wait!

My mom was really sick, and I wanted to have my dress in early enough for her to see it! That did not happen, I actually received the call my dress came in a day before she passed, however her time she had already came and she was unresponsive and couldn’t leave her side. I know she had the best seat in the house for the wedding and I could be more honor to have my mother as my guardian angel. Any way.. back to the dress post…

I walked down the aisle in my Maggie Sottero Dress named Sasha!! I was in heaven, wearing the perfect dress.. walking down the isle to my perfect husband!

So what did you do with your dress after your wedding day…
Did you preserve it?
Did you sell it?
Did you save it for your daughter?
Did you donate it?

I am not the traditional bride.. well in a way yes, but in a way no.. I didn’t plan on saving it for my daughter, I didn’t want the box in my closet for years.

So…. We had fun…

Emily and I spent the day together back in July, and she had her 9 year photos done. Well while we were at it, we had Em put on my dress. She was perfect in it! Brought tears to my eyes, as she sat there.. I am for sure not ready for homecomings, prom or a wedding dress..  but this is something I wanted, and I hope she starts this tradition with her daughter in her dress… I can’t wait to print these and frame them…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were perfect, and I love them dearly..

But the original plan for my wedding dress was to be trashed! I am sure you have a shocked face, or a what are you thinking look… I mean my grandma even told me my mom is probably turning over in her grave.. ya no joke.. don’t worry I talked to my mom about it before she passed, and she was just as excited to see these photos!


So Ryan and I did it. We were in Interlochen for his family camping trip, and our wedding photographer was vacationing in Glen Arbor, so we met.. on Lake Michigan.. during a sunset!! It was magical! We originally wanted to get married in Glen Arbor and have Lake Michigan in the back drop, between cost, amount of family invited, and travel, we had it down state. So we planned this photo shoot! I am absolutely in love! This is exactly what I was picturing and so glad Ryan and I had time to be ourselves, and show our love for each other.. and it not be 40° outside. (We Had A Rough November Wedding in Michigan).


After the photos were done, we headed back to camp, mingled with Ryan’s family, and tore down camp. Nothing like walking through a campground in a wedding gown!! First time for everything!


The sad part happened next, my heart sunk a little bit, as I took scissors to my dress, I cut off a few pieces for Emily, including the buttons along the back. She will be able to make something, or do something with the pieces from my dress for hers! The rest of my dress was to be cleaned, and then giving to Ryan’s aunt who is a retired OB nurse at Munson Hospital, and is going to be making Angel Dresses for the baby’s who were taken to soon.

God Bless those families, and glad I can do something for them! As a mother I can not imagine what that would be like!!


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