It is just Fourth Grade, It is just Fourth Grade…

A new school year has officially started.  All parents around the US are posting their child(ren) “First Day of School Photo”. Everyone is excited for the new school year! That is exactly what happen at our house today! We were that family posting to social media, all the physical changes she occurred over summer break, her cute new outfit that just shows all her personality and exactly what she wanted to wear, because she is to old now for me to pick it out. 😦


Em finished her first full day in Fourth Grade.

I am not sure if I am ready for 4th grade, because that means next year is 5th grade, and then we have Middle Schooler.. .Why just Why?!

But if you ask her, she is ready.. so ready..

She is takes school by the horns every year. She loves learning, and reading. She  is one to help others when they need it, never really complains about much well like every other typical student she despises homework. The only anxiety she comes across is ALLL the homework she will have to do, and how hard it will be.

Last school year we noticed how Em would ask questions on her homework, just so we would help her. She knew it, but just wanted us to sit with her and walk her through it. It was something completely different..

A new parenting style that I am not used to, not that I have any other children, but more so what my parents did with me. We raised Em being really laid back, dinner has never been formal, between work schedules and school schedules and everything else going on weekly.  We don’t have that whole dinner will be served at 5pm with or without. (Maybe that is “a” problem)

However school work has also been the same way, Em is watched after school, and most of the time ends up having it done before we even pick her up, we then just review it, and move on to dinner or something else.

Ryan was raised one way and myself another. I was sat at the kitchen table, for hours, writing and rewriting. Everything had to be perfect, I had to practice my cursive every night, and do my times tables for 30 minutes. Maybe my parents ruined me at being a “good” mom.

Emily, is super smart, everything comes easy for her now. I am  not sure what will happen in the future but for now, the chill atmosphere is working for us..
Hopefully we won’t regret this in about 5 years.


Here’s to all the parent’s who get to hear the same thing every night for the next year… What did you learn today… “Nothing”


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