Extending our Family… to Church

This year has brought a lot of changes to our family, and it’s not even close to being over yet. Ryan and I have committed ourselves to a church, we have been doing multiple church events, and getting to know many fun new couples.

Earlier in the month Ryan and I stepped out of comfort zone, like way out of it. We attend a young married event at our church. It was a road rally (scavenger hunt) through a few near by cities. We ended up being paired with a couple that sat at our table during dinner. They were so friendly!! Like it was almost weird, like how can these people be so opening! Well they were, and we had a freaking blast!! We laughed, joked, and kicked butt in this race!! We came in first place which helps!! Winning a gift card to a local restaurant, and a buy one get one ice cream at the parlor we ended up at. I am always game for ice cream!! We ended up exchanging numbers, and sitting with them at church that weekend, hard to get to know a couple when your paying attention, but got to chat a little before hand. They are so welcoming, and just moved back to the states in April.

Not only have Ryan and I opened up to church events and friends, so has Emily. This past week, they had all the 3rd and 4th graders at a local adventure park, with go carts, putt putt ect. Just dropped her off, and picked her back up… Crazy how grown up she is, and how 4th grade is just a week away!

Over the weekend we met back up with our new friends at their house Sunday afternoon for a little BBQ. It is really nice to have friends outside the circle, new people, learn new things, and get to know someone new. Also kinda stressful, making new friends is kinda like dating someone new. So many questions unanswered!

Hope everyone had a great week! Can’t wait for our long weekend ahead!!


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