Wait… What… Summer…Is…

Where the heck has summer gone?!
We have been busy as all hell… and we are winding down to the last two weekends of summer vacation!

Both sad and looking forward to September..
A. Cooler Weather
B. Fall
C. Back to School
D. My Birthday!!!

August was full of love, support, family and friends!

As in my last post was about In Laws But Not Really In Laws.. we started off the month with a long weekend camping trip, much enjoyed.

The second weekend in August was full of celebration!

I suck at surprises.. like I am the person that gives gifts earlier, or at least tells someone what the gift is, or shares gossip, I just get to excited and have word vomit! Well we did it, we threw my sister a surprise graduation party.. She recently graduated from Saginaw Valley, our father and I went back and forth with throwing a party, and I was adamant that she deserved a party, or a get together. So with the help of my husband we did it. Using my dad’s house and pool, we invited the closest family members, and had a BBQ – She has already accepted her first professional career by our house. Yay so proud of this girl!! She is best little sister ever!


Sometimes life works itself out we weren’t the closest growing up, we fought a lot and got on each other’s nerves like crazy! But as we have gained knowledge in years, she is one of my best friends. She knows the most about me, and never judges. I thank God for her every day!


Wedding of a Lifetime…well we waited a Lifetime!! 

Since last Thursday, Ryan and I have been running on minimal sleep. As Ryan’s best friend Casey got married in Traverse City to his beautiful bride Sarah! Between rehearsal, dinners, nerves and girl time, we both have been losing sleep over these two.. but so worth it.


Casey and Sarah have been engaged since 2012, and dating just as long as Ryan and I. We were the new couple in the group at the same time. So I became really close to Casey and Sarah as I was the odd girl out just like Sarah. Our hubby’s are best friends and do almost everything together, so us girls have also done just that!!

Casey and Sarah have moved their wedding just a few times, we joked that we could actually write this date in ink on the calendar. But after finally settling down with work, in their new house they were ready to make it official.

There are multiple couples in our circle of friends, and not many like LOVE LOVE EACHOTHER.. but Casey and Sarah, they are adorable together, they are like the same person!

They love each other unconditionally, and have such a relaxed life.. Maybe a little relaxed… The wedding was just that. … Where my OCD had to be put in checked multiple times, and I needed to step back myself and realize that they are fine that I should be fine…

They got married at Cobblestone Farms, a beautiful barn reception and ceremony!

The day explained the couple to a tee, where most brides would be in a panic that the rain, wind, missing marshmallows for the smore’s bar, she kept it together, and laughed and just went with the flow!

So happy for the new married couple!!

After the dances, us girls changed in jean shorts cowgirl boots and tanks.. and so did the bride!!

Being at a wedding brings back so much memories to ours that was almost a year ago already. Time is flying by so so fast, and I am so lucky to have this man by my side. He was there for his best friend Casey just as he is there for me. Ryan rocked at his best man speech, and showed how much of brother they both are to each other!

Happy Wedding and Happy Life to the newly weds.



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