Letting Go.. Just a little bit…

Ugh.. I am not ready for our daughter to be independent…

I remembered me saying once a while back when she was younger, how nice it would be to shower in peace and quiet or not having to pace by windows to see where she is playing, or venture and be in the middle of her and her friends play dates, or letting her play in the front yard, go around the campground by herself ect.. Whelp that was a good thought while it lasted… It’s actually not all its cracked up to be…

Times have changed, I remember my parents letting me go around the block, we used to head up to the corner store for a snack. Heck I remember one night sleeping on the porch in Detroit… Um Yeah, Emily’s not even allowed to play in the front yard where we live now without a parent.

Maybe it was because I always had a sibling, I was never really alone, numbers right.. It’s harder to kidnap two kids than one.

I can tell though Emily is getting to the age where she is about done with me hovering over her. This past month, we went camping a couple times.. At Interlochen; the lake sometimes has swimmers itch, so it is a must to shower afterwards, or for me I just want all the flipping sand off of me. Emily and I headed to the shower together, went into the single stall. I showered.. and got dressed, looked over at Em for her to get in and she asked me to leave… 😦 Wait, What?! No not yet! Yes she is 9 but these are public showers, yes it has a door that locks but what if something happens. We happened to be camped right across from the showers, so I allowed it this one time, I grab my clothes and walked out.. My heart beating a little faster. I watch the door handle move from blank to Occupied, then tried to push it open. It was locked. I carefully walked back to camp. I then sat in the chair at camp staring at the door she was in, waiting for her to come out. I helped Ryan make the dinner, and looked up, scared that maybe in that short second that something might have happened. about 5 mins later, she walked out.. skipping as she crossed the street.

Like: Mom no big deal…

The next test was when she took Shelby for a walk while we cleaned up… She asked if she could go around the loop. We were about half way and most everyone had already left, so we could see pretty far in all directions. Again, Ryan and I looked at each other, gave the look, like she will be safe, Shelby will protect her. Okay if you know our adorable lab Shelby, she isn’t very intimating. But she does protect us if she feels she needs too. It’s fine.  It will be fine… It will be fine.. As Ryan and I tried to clean up I just keep trying to listen to hear her, maybe she will be singing or yelling at Shelby to slow down.. Who knows.. but oh my goodness, that was the longest walk of my life. Just Breath! She understand stranger danger, not to get near anybody. Scream. Kick. Ect.. She will be fine! She was fine, she made it back in one piece with a smile…

I guess she is gaining her independence.. she is 9! What’s the limit now a days, no where is safe, but I want her to be independent to learn, to feel confident ect. Where’s my line as a parent… is there a book for this?!

We have been pretty busy.. hence my delay in my posts… we had girls day earlier this month. It is one my favorite things of the year. Ever since my grandmother passed away us girls spend the Saturday before Mother’s day together, well this past year my sister graduated college that same weekend, so we postponed it to August, and it was a great decision.

HELLO WATER PARK!! – This also ties into the letting go, as Em and her cousin were able to go to the slides, and different parts of the park by themselves also heart wrenching … but they checked in and were completely fine.. I love seeing them grow into young ladies, and not hate us yet!


Girls Day 2016 – Love my family!


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