Birthday Celebrations – Nine and Counting

~Birthday Traditions~

Balloons You Can Never Have Enough Balloons…

Streamers Duhhh

Build-A-Bear Every year since Em was 3, we Build-A-Bear..

Dinner You get to pick your favorite restaurant of dinner choice

Cake & Gifts What’s a birthday without these items?!

Happy 9th Birthday Cutie!

Okay… So Emily might be spoiled. I am going to blame this on that she is the only child, and we … Okay…. “I” rarely say No! I mean she is a very well behaved child, and does extremely well in school, so why not spoil her!! Longs she doesn’t turn into a brat I am good with it. ( Me:convincing myself)

Sunday night: after we un-packed from camping.. we started her week of birthday celebration!! It started with a run to Toys-R-Us to get one of those scooter boards thingys.. <– Yeah that’s all my description.. Well it turned into a much bigger ordeal. You know why Toys-R-Us locks up the scooters and boards.. So people like us don’t spend an hour riding them around the store.. But locking them up, can’t stop us.. We just opened a box and put one together! Take That!! I am sure this is good parenting 101. Don’t Judge!

 Emily now owns one of these flicker scooters! Boy does it pick up speed!!
Ryan and I will also be taking it for test rides to make sure it is still safe!

Monday: We kept the birthday theme going and headed over to Barnes and Noble™ to get Emily a free cupcake for being apart of the kids club. Double Triple Chocolate!  YUM! She also got a free book because she has read three books this summer so far! She probably is already almost done with it. She is an amazing reader!


Tuesday: My dad and his wife came over for pizza and gifts. It was nice to see him, even if it for a few hours, we are not as close as we were when I was younger, and tears me apart sometimes. It was great hearing my dad and Emily have a water war in the front yard.

Wednesday: Started off with taking a personal day from the office and spending the day with my little girl!! Yahoo… I am so grateful for my work  and my allowed time off! We don’t usually have a day the two of us, and it was a blast, especially in the middle of the week. We bummed it in bed all morning then headed out to Ulta, Emily was going to get her hair done, as we had photographs later in the day! She loves being all dolled up it’s adorable!

I can not wait to see these photos!! Our favorite photographer is going out of her comfort zone and doing a few special sessions with us. I can not wait to share them with you later..

We headed home to pick up daddy… and headed to the mall!!

Build-A-Bear.. I believe we are officially  out of the princess everything theme. Meet Buster! He is our new family member.


I love watching her choose the lucky new bear, making decisions if this one is going to have sound, is it going to smell, put a “loved” filled heart in and make a wish and watch him get stuffed! After he is stuffed, head over to the bathtub and give your new bear a bath!! Outfits are next and always a tough-ie for Em, sooo many choices.. However this year.. What more could you ask for than a Ghostbuster outfit and the “backpack” !!

This is one of my favorite birthday traditions, and I am sad that this will probably end soon, but not today…

How do you go to the mall and not see the puppies, or play with them!! You don’t!!

Thursday: July 28th 2016 – Emily is officially 9 years young! We always decorate the house the night before, however this year Em decided to be up until midnight.. whoops.. I think she was too excited! We did manage to get a few things hung, and balloons scatter throughout the house.


After work we picked up Emily and a friend we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for Birthday dinner, and then back home for cake!!

Shout Out To My Amazing Husband Who NOT Only Made The Cake But Decorated Also!

To end the day we surprised Emily with a second gift, let’s not spoil her to much!! Right?! Go Ahead and Judge Me!
But she has been asking for this present for ever! It is something that she has passion for, and really enjoys doing.

Music Mixing Queen!! Look Out!!

Sweet dreams cutie! Happy 9th Birthday! Mommy and Daddy wish you the happiest and best year to date! Love Ya!


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