Hotter than the Dickens!


Since Michigan has turned into a freaking hot and humid sticky mess, we were excited that this past weekend we were heading north. When the heat index hits 105 degrees, us Michigan folks practically melt…

We spent the weekend up at Interlochen State Park in Northern Michigan. This is the only campground we attend at least once a year. It is the family campground! Ryan’s family is from the area, Cadillac, Lake City, Traverse and any city in between. We were raised completely opposite, his family is country and northern, and mine is all city!!

Well it was cooler up north but not by much that’s for sure.
We ended up setting up camp late Friday night, due to the long drive, traffic, and potty stops.
Least it was cooler at that point, even though I have never sweat so much at 10pm setting up a tent.

Saturday came bright and early! After scarfing down doughnuts, we headed to Sleeping Bear National Park, hoping to get in the dune climbing before the heat came.

We ended up getting the small dune at 9:45 am, it was already hotter than hot. But we loaded up on water and played around in the sand.

Poor Em went up and down twice so she could do it with both of us since we had Shelby.
She’s young right!!


We then brushed off the sand, or what we could and headed to Pierce Stocking!
This is a scenic drive through a portion of the park, it has about 12 stops you make, and read a pamphlet, learn a little bit about the park.
(Ryan and I did this back on the blog for Memorial Day with our friends, Kick Off to Summer – 2016 )

One of the early stops, over looking Little Glen Lake

Probably one of my favorite spots on the drive!

Lake Michigan in the background!

One of Ryan’s favorite spots, the cool tree!! We have so many photos in front of this tree it is unreal! But this trip we got Emily and Shelby together for a picture!

Christmas Card 2016! 

After a few minutes pretending we were monkeys and enjoying the tree climbing experience, we made our way to the next stop which has the 450′ drop.

It was WAY TO HOT to go down to the bottom, but we let her go about a quarter of the way!
This is always so pretty, no matter if it is clear, cloudy, windy or cold. This is a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and deep blue colors it produces. Nothing like a little sand everywhere!

13620138_10104116212399368_6697513062152513684_nAfter spending all morning in the dunes, we made our way to the beach to cool off. Taught Emily how to throw a football correctly, tossed the frisbee around, and let Shelby enjoy a cool down. As shown above she was done playing  ball and made her way back to the towels… I guess from now on, we need to bring one for her!! Goofy girl!

Not very often will you catch me in Lake Michigan, as it is always freezing! But we were loving the cool water today! Our Saturday was action packed, and only half way over! We headed back to camp, and made a kick ass lunch over the fire.. yeah it was hott! and not just the cook.. 😉 Not many people make a fire at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on the hottest day in Michigan but the burgers, potatoes and corn needed to be cooked. We didn’t get a photo, but some random guy stopped to take a photo. Documentation that we are crazy!

After dinner, we were headed out to the Cherry Bowl Inn. We have drive-ins down state, but it is just not the same as up north, I mean you can beat peace and quiet around and not in the ghetto part of Detroit. Our double feature include Ice Age, and Ghostbusters! After about 20mins trying to get our speaker to work, and Ryan not completely losing it, we were able to get into the movie. I can tell you Ice Age was super cute, and I was completely in love with it, it is one of my favorite series of all time! The characters are just soo adorable, and funny. You’ll have to ask Ryan and Emily how Ghostbusters was as I fell asleep about 20 mins in, who can stay up to 2am in the morning. 😛 Obviously Ryan and Em.


Sunday: it rained… we needed it and I won’t complain.. So we packed up and headed home from our weekend up north..

I am almost exhausted of camping, and glad we are just chilling around home this weekend!

Time to catch up on house hold items and chores, and can’t forget Church.. I really miss church!!

Here’s to another week!~

Someone come get all the sand out of our truck, and gear! and I believe I might still have some in my hair!!


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