Sit Back and Relax…and float.

We camped this past weekend.. again.. I know..

It’s a hard theme this summer and there are still plenty to come the rest of the summer, my apologizes now.

Each trip means something different to me though..

This is one was little bit out of our usual shenanigans, my little sister tagged along.
My sister and I have had a rough time growing up, our parents pinned us against each other, we fought continuously. I was my dad’s little girl and her mother (my step mom) always had her back. We are five years apart so we had that typical sibling jealously  thing growing up, she always tagged along with my friends and I. She was always asking for things and I was always responsible for her, we weren’t close and we struggled to get along all the time.

But then she went to college. She changed, her mother was out of my life, and we were old enough to understand what was going on all these years! We have actually become very close. She knows almost everything I can think of about me. She would never judge me, and I know without a doubt she has my back 110%. We have been doing a “girls trip” once every other year, we have traveled to Minneapolis and this past spring we both ventured to Chicago for the first time for a long weekend (she tried out for The Voice), but we hadn’t camped together since we were younger.

Ryan and I are at different points in our lives than our friends, it’s really weird how times change. Almost 9 years ago, we were the one’s stuck at home raising a child, priorities changed then and now our friends are doing the same. Ryan and I co parent with my ex (Emily’s biological father), so every other weekend we don’t have Emily. We schedule the outings accordingly. This camping trip was one of them.

Rifle River, is known for a party float trip, and that it was. Ryan and I couldn’t find any of our friends that were free this past weekend, so my little sister asked/invited herself to our camping trip. I am not going to lie, I was nervous.. my sister is a little hot headed, and we can argue and ruin a whole day easily. But what the heck! Why not?! She was in a sorority through college and brought her “big” with her. I spent a few special events at the college as my sisters “mom” so I knew her “big” and knew it would be a good weekend. And that it was it was a great weekend, nothing like getting on a river at noon and getting off at 6pm with a good buzz, tons of laughs and a little sun burn.

It was a great time to be had by all.. maybe next year we can plan a huge group outing for this and make it a tradition, or stay up past 9pm after drinking all day….hummm


The one thing about all this camping so close to home is that we make it home at a decent hour, we had the car unpacked and showered and ready for the day by 2pm. Ryan and I went back and forth about going for a hike, or taking Shelby for a swim, instead we made it a date day/night.

I love going on date’s. I enjoy getting all ready, saying screw you to the diet and eating whatever, drinking wine and being with my husband. I totally agree with people that you still need to date each other and get out of the house and have fun! Keep your relationship fresh and fun!!

We tried a new restaurant not to far from the house. We are both suckers for Italian, especially if it comes with bread and oil for dipping, along with a bottle of wine. YuM! Then comes the hard part what to do after… We both suck at making a decision, where to eat, what to do, buying misc items, it is always such a fiasco. But we make it. We ended up at the movies, not usually like us to go to the movies during the summer. However this is like a 3rd one  in the last month.. darn Disney movies.. they getcha..Putt putt was out of the question though it was windy as heck, and we were both having brain farts on what else to come up with. We sucked it up and saw Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, also not like us, we don’t usually go for the crud humor movies, we don’t get caught up in movies like that or any Will Ferrell movies, we are total “action movies” junkies.

The movie was hilarious, I wouldn’t watch it with my child, or any one younger than 21 but it was funny! Nice to laugh while drinking our over priced cocktails in a movie theater. (Why is it so expensive?!)

Ended the night with Ice Cream with this handsome man!

Here’s to another work week, but don’t worry the weekend is only 4 and half days away, and we are camping again… who would have thought!!! But this time headed to our second home location as a family! – Up North Michigan..



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