A life is a life..

I went back and forth on writing a blog about this.. but I am.. I am a firm believer…


The movement that is going around United States is getting out of hand, and causing more harm than it is good. Protest turn into a snippers dream for picking out cops, to murder.

We are killing each other: WE ARE – Parents, Spouses, Siblings, Children, Friends, and Family.. 

I have been told, if you view it as #alllivesmatter .. you are part of the problem.
I believe this is untrue!

I understand, I don’t know what it is like to questioned because of my race, I am not stopped, questioned and judge by my skin tone. I grew up and live in the “Middle-Class”.   You may say ” I have it easier than you”. But fear not, we all are judge, we all get questions, we all have defend ourselves in one way or another. It’s your actions that dictated how the future events will play out. You are responsible for yourself and your actions, even if those actions turn deadly.

I’ve watched so many cop videos who have been put in the position to shoot a civilian because actions were not followed.

I am not saying all cops are good. We know there are not good people in this world, in all races, shapes and forms!

I’ve seen cop videos where they are extreme and sickening! I hope they are convicted for their actions as they are suppose to be in the right!

I wouldn’t want that job, being questioned in your actions, justifying if your life was in danger.

When you pull someone over who is not listening to simple instructions, like place your hands on the wheel, place them out of the car, stop – don’t move, get on the ground. Seriously.. listen why is it so hard?!

This is where our issues begin, there is no authority, no one takes any one seriously.
I personally see the blue and red lights in my rear view mirror, (for running a stop sign) my hands get sweaty, and my heart races. Isn’t this suppose to be the response when your in trouble.

The cop now has to understand that fine line between their safety and injuring you.

Shooting more than once, is it necessary.?!
Is shooting someone ever necessary?!
Should be still be tasing people..

What the extent to shoot?

Times have changed, people are carrying, we aren’t safe.. no one is safe!
All I can do is protect myself and my family!

For our kids, and for our future…

Let’s just love each other…



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