Fourth of July – PIB

Sometimes, you just need to put your party panties on and enjoy making new friends, laughing and pretend like you are 19 again.

Or maybe not..

For the Fourth of July this year, Ryan and I packed up our stuff and headed to do some camping and little drinking.. Okay maybe more like some drinking and a little camping.

While driving through the lovely state of Ohio, we passed a few questionable campgrounds. We laughed as we passed them, they definitely are not like the ones back home. We bit our tongues and prayed just maybe our campground would be one of the well kept ones.

Um yeah, we were wrong…

Don’t get me wrong, camping is camping, we are used to the bugs, the sun, un-flush-able toilets, laughing children, drunk shenanigans. Heck we just did rustic camping like two weeks ago. However, this camp ground took that to a whole new level. When you advertise modern facilities lets clarify modern facilities, you would think like running water, electricity, place being kept up, and clean. NEGATIVE. When I’ve been in port-a-potties cleaner than this bathroom! It was one of those bathrooms, just best to use the hand sanitize back at camp then the “sink”.

May Flies Anyone?!

We were conveniently place in the middle of a wide open field, you know where you think you’re not really in a site, and it was an after thought of  placement. Everyone just drove through the sites, nothing really marked.. Totally winging it! Oh well, we got this!
We did, until about the 17th million train decided to pass and usually at the best times.. (Sarcasm)
Oh and did I mention that the small airport run way was literally to our right, so every time they landed, it sounded like they were on top of our tent.. Casual Right, no biggy the first couple times, but then it got to the point that you knew they were getting hours in and practicing because every 10 minutes a plane landed…. on our roof!

Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty and kinda-ish peaceful!

We were new to the Ohio area, and just need a place to crash and a beach for our long weekend. The plan was to spend one day over on Put-In-Bay, (like the Cancun of the Midwest) then Sunday at the campground, playing and drinking on the beach. Whelp, due to the outstanding care of the facilities PIB got us two days.

But we made the best of it, and enjoyed eating, drinking, swimming and laughing. It was like being 19 again, not a care in the world, just dancing and having fun! Ryan and I totally let loose and had a carefree weekend. It was well worth it, and tons of fun! Maybe a little too much fun. We spent our Monday off, laying in bed recovering from the weekend. I am sure more so me than Ryan…

Until next time Put-In-Bay….


Hope everyone had a beautiful, family fun, safe Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday America!



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