Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation has begun!!! For some that means listening to their children argue, complaining they are bored, spending the days counting the minutes until they go back to school. Honestly none of that happens at our house.. we usually have plenty of trips planned, fun activities to do outside, we love spending time with our daughter and wish we both could also take the summer off to enjoying the fresh air and just being together for 2 and half months, some are so lucky for that. But we make the most out of our weekends that’s for sure.. This weekend 100% Family!

Family Time!

We don’t have one “big” vacation planned this year. However we do have a full summer with events, and camping what feels like every other weekend. We keep ourselves busy. Well… I keep our schedules full… I suck at telling people NO so I volunteer us for almost everything and anything.. Yeah my husband loves me!

Saturday at the Carnival – Hot but tons of Smiles!

Now now don’t feel bad for Emily, having to bear it with staying around town this summer. She just spent 9 days in Orlando.. Doing it all… and we are talking about planning a couple trips in the near future… but until then we will enjoy #PureMichigan

This summer seems like it is going to be a hott one! We barely ever need to turn on our air conditioner as its cool enough at night time to cool down the house. Whelp, not this year, the AC has been on more this year already then the last 2 year combined. Just means more time at the beach, my safe haven.

This was our first summer vacation weekend with Em. It was of course filled with fun in the sun and love. She was baptized, (Child of God!)  our city carnival was in town and city fireworks! It was a great kick off to summer making memories one day at a time!

These Two Though… 


All American Girl!

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I hope everyone enjoys the summer! It sure does go by fast… The principal already sent out the date for our Welcome Back Picnic and the First Day of 4th Grade, it’s on our calendar, tell time to slow down!



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