Child of God!

Emily Caroline was baptized on June 26, 2016 at the age of 8!


This is something we fought with family members about when Em was born. My family is Roman Catholic along with Ryan’s and for an infant to not be baptized in the first few month of life was such a conflict. We sat at plenty of family reunions listening to how this isn’t fair to Em, and that she needed to be baptized.However Ry and I are both not practicing Catholics, our families do have catholic services for funerals, memorials, and weddings. But this is something we didn’t feel comfortable teaching our daughter, as we weren’t attending regularly, or understand completely the Catholic faith. So we put this on hold, deciding that it would be her decisions when the time came.

We flip flop through a few churches, desperately trying to find one that we were just in love with, and they were in love with us.Finally found one that was modern and excepting of our lifestyles. Emily and I have been attending since 2012/13, Ryan has been joining us since January, this is something we recently have begun to incorporate in our  daily lives, maybe this getting married thing had an influence.

At our church you can go through the “class” when you are in 3rd grade, it was a 5 week program, for our children to understand the Bible and complete a workbook. We handled this with ease, informing her the decisions she made were hers, and only hers. She loves learning about the chapters and the stories of the Bible. I am so proud of what she takes every week at church.

So on June 26, 2016.. She became a Child of God.

This was probably one of the most emotional days of being a mother. No words can describe how my heart feels. Ryan and I joined her, as our church believes in baptism by full immersion. We are taking the steps necessary to become a member of the church, and serve our community and God fully.


What’s a baptism without a little BBQ after. We had a few of our closest family and friends over for some food and mingling. I love hosting parties, and parties with such meaning mean so much more. Ryan and I decorated, ordered the food, and cake and BBQ’d in 96 degree weather!

13528896_10104040676843228_174176356034615687_n 13521883_10104040676828258_4588279835396392813_n





God Bless Emily and all those family and friends who celebrated Emily’s new journey in Faith.


Proverbs 31:25 – She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future




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