We unplugged and just camped…

I spend an ungodly amount of my time on my phone, between texting, Facebook, Instgram, Snapchat and scrolling through crap, it was time to step back and take a break. So I unplugged this weekend….not just for me but also my husband.

Ryan and I spent the weekend away camping at Lake Margrethe in Grayling, Michigan.
We packed up our gear, and headed out Friday afternoon just us and the puppy for a short get-a-way weekend. It was well needed and well deserved for both of us. Life takes us by storm and we get caught up in the every day to day routine of life. Work, home, cleaning and making to do lists.

A lot of our vacations, and camping trips are about seeing the area. We jam pack our weekends and try to do everything in the area while we are there. Well not this trip, we set up our tent, we ate junk food, we drank a case of beer a couple bottles of wine and played in the water. Just.a.relaxing.weekend.away!

IMG_6515This is the first time we have camped at Lake Margrethe, we had no idea what the campground or site was going to look like, making reservations online makes the whole process so eventful.. Shaded Area;Uneven Ground; 200ft to Restroom;Pet Friendly.. Cross your fingers when you get there it is just as they say.

This campground had a few walk in sites, where you have to lug your camping gear down, (well up in this case) to the actual site. Rustic Camping they call this, no flushable toliets, no electricity just you and nature… and spiders.. tons of spiders…ewww

We definitely lucked out on our site, and location, it was so beautiful, we were able to sleep with the tent windows open enjoy  looking over the lake.

We could walk down the hill to our private little beach area, which was great in this hot summer we are having here in Michigan.

Shelby really enjoyed all the time we spent playing in the water also…  I am sure she is doing just this today at home!



Happy First Day of Summer!


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