To My Husband On Father’s Day!

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To be a father means much more than sperm donor!

Ryan meant me when I was pregnant, things didn’t work out in my previous relationship and I was all sorts of confused, frustrated and down in the dumps of my life. I’ll save my sob story for another day.

Ryan was the ONLY one who stood by my side; we were 19 years old, just beginning our relationship, it wasn’t his child, how were we going to do this!

9 and half years later we are doing this! Emily adores this guy! I might be Mom, and the one who holds her and tends to play the “good guy” but Ryan is her dad. They are complete goofs together. They laugh, play, can be silly and smile.

Ryan went through sleepless night, diaper changes, teething, put his fun years on hold, and grew up just as fast as I did. He taught her a million and two things, new adventures and new traditions. Our family is whole and happy.

Nothing makes me smile more than hearing them busting out laughing!

Ryan – Thank you for all the wisdom and love you have shown Emily. She looks up to you, and never wants to disappoint you. You are her daddy through and through. She is lucky to have such a role model as you. She will have high expectations of her future hubby!

Love is thicker than blood! Our family is perfect!

Happy Father’s Day!


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