moving on to having a 4th grader..

As of June 16th at 11:35am, our beautiful daughter has made her way to 4th grade.
Where has the time gone. Everyone tells you it goes by fast, that blink and they are on their way to college, why is this all so true.

Em has become such an amazing young lady. God definitely has blessed us with her.

Emotion, Growing Pains, Puberty..all the things that seem to be just starting.

Third Grade 2015-2016:
Has shown to be the year that school worked changed, relationships with friends changed and that she is maturing.

First Day of Third Grade!

Reflections of 3rd Grade:
– Mommy Daughter Day at the Lansing Zoo
-Camping Trips
-Get together with Friends
-8th Birthday
-Fun with Daddy
– First Concert – One Direction
– Annual Halloween Party
-Traditions Kept & New ones made
-Milked a goat
-Went to Disney/SeaWorld/Universal Studios
-Obsessed with Ipad & talking to girl friends


Another Chapter closed… To Open another one..

Last Day of 3rd Grade… (Same Dress as first day… hehe) 



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