Baby, Baby, oh Babies…

The next best thing to weddings, and bridal showers… is a good baby shower!!!
How can you not be super excited for your family/friends to grow, for a cute new baby to snuggle and smell. This weekend was a two-for-one baby shower!
My cousin Charlotte, is expecting her first child in August, and this weekend was the shower. Her and her husband just recently got married a couple years ago, which I had the pleasure in standing up in. Such a happy couple! Of course right!!

I love getting together with family that we quite don’t see as much as we should. It’s a happy time, and much better than sad occasions.


I used my crafting skills to put together this little basket, I love basket gifts, and I do them for all occasions but this time, I put a little extra love into it.. Well maybe Ryan did! I am sure is a huge fan of how all my projects become his projects!



Charlotte also has a brother Jake who is expecting his first child, we won’t be able to attend the actual shower in a couple weeks as we have another important event in our life. So I brought her gift with me. I think this one is as just as cute!!


God I love babies!
I am so thankful I got to be a mother to this beautiful little girl, who just might not be so little any more.

The fact that we can almost share clothes makes me oh so sad….

We spent the rest of our weekend at the beach! It was sunny and hott!

Ryan is now going through enough aloe and lotion for a small family, and looks like a gently cooked lobster.

Here’s to the last week of school!! Ready for Summer Summer Time!!




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