Dear Daddy


The case of Brock Turner, shouldn’t even be a case. This is a disgrace to our judicial system! 6-3 months.. is all you get… Shake My Head!

You RAPED an unconscious woman, you dragged her behind the dumpster and just brutalized that poor girl.  You are responsible for your actions, not the alcohol or the “party atmosphere”. Your crap of a father stating “20 minutes of rape doesn’t constitute him paying for it the rest of his life” Are you kidding me?!  I am glad USA Swimming has officially banned you from rejoining, and your idolized swimming career is over!

The girl will have to pay for this the rest of her life! So should you! What is Brock going to turn into in 20 years, is this just a mistake?

Why aren’t we teaching our sons to be respectful to women, teaching them that if a woman is not sober, awake or without a doubt consent it is RAPE! Just because she is drunk, tipsy, wearing a skirt, showing some skin doesn’t mean she wants you.

STOP AMERICA! This has to end, the guy selling weed down the street gets harder sentence. Jail is joke, or system is failing. You need to be accounted for all your actions right and wrong!

Thank God Peter Jonsson, and Carl-Fredrik Arndt saw you and confronted you then chased you down until the police could get there. They are true heroes! God Bless you both!



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