#BuckleSelect – Jackets and Shoes 101

I mean what girl doesn’t love shopping?!
Month Two was delivered yesterday. I have officially cut out other random Target runs, and misc. buys throughout the month to just spend it all in box that comes the first of the month.

I believe I have made the best decision ever!

Anna is my stylist, from Nebraska! I choose her by her picture, her style seemed to match mine and her personality is killer!! I love being able to text/call and send photos of what I like, or don’t like. It is really nice now having my own personal stylist.

So what is in this box this month, you might be thinking?

Summer Wear 101!


Not Rated – Flippie Floppies! Cute, Comfy and Strappy… Perfect!







Roan – Gladiator Sandals – I personally think these are adorable and fun, my husband is like ummm are you seriously going to wear these in public…There’s some extra space at the sides so he might win this battle… to be returned 😦






Jean Jacket – Wedding Attire – Ryan’s best friend Casey, (well I guess they are all my friends now too), is getting married in August, and as a bridesmaid we are rocking a dress, jean jackets and cowgirl boots.. Heck Ya!  So got this to wear!





White Summer Dress w/ Cut off Jean Jacket – Hello 90’s I am so glad they are making a come back. I pulled it out of the box Ryan’s exact words “It’s already out dated, it’s from the 90’s”
Honey, that’s what is in style..

Makes me wish I kept all my stuff from middle school.. hehe






Layering Necklaces – Super cute, fun and western feeling!




Can’t wait to wear the dress, this weekend for a baby shower we are attending!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!


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