7 Months In…


So funny story….. I don’t know how to count to 6!

December – 1 month
January – 2 months
February – 3 months
March – 4 months
April – 5 months
May – 5 1/2 months
June – 6 months

I totally missed our 6 month wedding anniversary last month. I woke up Mother’s Day weekend with these beauties looking at me! I was like “Oh honey, it’s Saturday Mother’s Day is on Sunday..” Counted 6 Roses… HOLY MOLY, my heart stopped, how could I possibly miss count 6 months. I pulled up my phone sure enough, June 7th – 6 Month Anniversary.. Totally Blonde Moment!

So honey, Happy 7 Months! I suck and communication, crazy huh. I am not overly emotional let me spill my beans out to you. So I write letters, and put them in cards. I can’t even imagine how many Ryan has over the last 9 years! But each one is heart felt, and everything I feel and mean put into words and sealed for boyfriend, fiance’ and now husband.

Thank you Ryan for the last 7 months, they are flying by! You have shown how much you are committed to me and Emily and your love for us doesn’t go un-noticed!

I love you mucho! Here’s to a Lifetime. Grow Old With Me!




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