In Harambe’s Name



There are multiple views and stories going around about the killing of the 17-year Silverback Gorilla. This has been the water cooler talk around the office and our house, who’s to blame. Accident happens.. true..

So many questions.. What exactly happened? Where were the parents? Why didn’t bystanders  grab the kid? How did the kid fall 12′ and not get injured that way? Was killing the gorilla necessary? I am sure we have all read articles upon articles of what could have happened, what did happen and why all decisions were made quickly with the child’s life priority.

Obviously the child’s life is the most important life to save in these situations. But we can not blame Harambe reaction to a small child splashing and screaming in his enclosure, he is a wild animal, he had not be subjected to something like this before, and probably was completely upset by all the commotion. I’ve watched the video a few times, and I have not work hand in hand with gorillas so my knowledge is limited. I wish there was other ways to save both lives. I understand tranquilizers were out of the question as time was of the essence, and Harambe had a hand on the child at all times. I feel horrible for the gorilla, and the lost of his life for a careless accident.

I am one to blame the parent, I feel whole heartily were are in control of our children’s well being, isn’t that our job! That being said, I don’t feel the death threats and other research on their criminal history and everything should be blown out of proportion.  If she did tend to another child, or was distracted for mere seconds and the child climbed into an exhibit and crawled through the bushes. She is to blame. Don’t get me wrong I only have one child, and she’s not completely wild as other kids. But this is the first accident like this to happen at this zoo since the exhibit opened in 1978, I am all for open exhibits and we are responsible for ourselves, if we are to view and work with these wild animals they should be in an environment closely to their wild ones. Placing concrete walls, enclosing them in glass rooms, is not the answer. How about we just take responsibility of our actions and what can result in them.

I’ve listen to numerous mothers go on and on about, how they have lost a child, a child falling into a pool, run into the middle of the road, ect. I know how quickly these things can take place and how devastating it is for all involved. But please watch your kids!! We have taken Emily to multiple zoo’s, parks, water parks, heck we spent a week in a half in Disney in February. Not once did we not know where Emily was, or lose eye contact from her. People steal kids nowadays, there are to many factors to not have a handle on your kids, or your children not listening to you. Bring friends, and other family members to help with your little ones. Strap them in strollers/wagons. If they are not behaving like they should. Leave.. It is a zoo, these are wild animals!

I am so grateful this family is whole today, and there were no seriously injuries! God Bless them! But for the gorilla that was confused and hopeless, my prayers are with him.



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