Kick Off to Summer – 2016

For the last 5 years we have been spending our Memorial Weekend with our friends in the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan, this is our happy place. Well I know for sure it is mine, however I am pretty sure my husband would agree! There is nothing better than Northern Michigan.

I look forward to this trip every year, we usually spend one day hiking and sight seeing, and showing our friends our favorite spots. This year on Saturday we took a ride to Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive stopped at all the cool stops and the 450′ drop. We always try to convince one couple to head down to the bottom put their toes in Lake Michigan and make the dreadful climb back up. This year no takers..It’s fun to say you have done it once… Ryan’s probably done it a million times, as his family is from the area, and grew up on these dunes. I have done it a couple times, and as I always say I did it 8 months pregnant, (yes, I drank plenty of water, and there was no harm to myself or our daughter) I don’t really have to do it again.. hehe I am sure there will be a day soon though, where Emily, Ryan and I master it as a family, probably this summer sometime.


Ryan and I at the top, because we have a picture like this every year 9 years and counting..


After driving through the Scenic Drive, we headed over to the Dune Climb, this hill they did climb, as its probably a quarter of the height and steepness. We headed to Pyramid Point, a quick .2 miles there and another .2 miles back, makes for an easy and speedy trail to get both the woods and incredible views.  One of my favorite spots! We headed in the Leland, historical Fishtown for some food and sweets and finally headed back to camp.

Camping is our home away from home. It is so relaxing, and the wide open fresh air, sounds of animals and kids playing and laughing.The smell of a campfire, makes it one of the most peaceful things we enjoy!

At the 45th Parallel, just like in California in Michigan it produces the best grapes for wine. We spend one of our days every year, doing a wine tour, we get a tour guide (no drinking driving) and hit up as many stops and places we can in a day. It is always interesting in seeing who usually doesn’t drink a lot of wine find a few things they actually like. We call this Buying Locally! We do it quite well!

This year our stops included: Leelanau Cellars, (Free tastings, and Cheap Wine), Tandem Ciders, Black Star Farms, Shady Lane Winery, Skipping Stone Cellars (also had 3 others at this stop), 45th North Vineyard & Winery, we also stopped at one of Ryan and I’s favorite in Leland – Verterra Winery.


Kick off to summer is always a success, we end the wine tour with a big fish fry, some Euchre, and just reminiscing. We have all been friends for almost a decade, and some almost their whole lives, this is always a great kick off to summer, one that we look forward to every year!

Cheers! Here’s to 2016.

All our purchases from this year Memorial Wine Weekend!



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