Hot Off The Press, Reviews of Our Weekend!

This weekend was a jam-packed fiasco! I wouldn’t have traded anything for it! We spent Saturday during the day as a family doing those family fun activities featured in a later blog, but Saturday night was dedicated to my husband and I.

We started off at a restaurant in Downtown Detroit, called HopCat. For those who have an impression that Detroit is horrible and disgusting, it is not all bad. Our downtown has tons to offer, and is up and coming to be a hit area with the new Red Wings stadium and bars and tons of new restaurants coming to the area. HopCat is not a typical date night location for us, we aren’t really “craft beer people”. However as a wedding present we received a gift card and figured why not use it. The atmosphere and decor was industrial and felt right in, with being in the heart of our growing city. The food was superb, well the “crack fries” were just that! We did end up sampling a few beers (shown in the featured image) but not really our thing, passed on ordering a glass. It was great to try something new I am always down for new things, new places and new experiences.

Our date night finished off at the Fox Theatre. Ryan and I have never been to a Musical before. We attend a few… well a lot.. of concerts. Music and hockey games are our usual m.o. But when I heard Beauty and Beast was coming, what girl can pass that up?!? and conveniently my husband is amazing and stated he would love to come with. I am such a lucky lady to be able to do things with my husband that I know my father would have never done with his wife. The show was everything and more, the spin of adult humor with such a Disney Classic, I wished it would never ended. It was interesting seeing a performance like this live, doesn’t compare to those high school plays I saw when I was younger. I hope to see plenty more in my lifetime.


The Fox Theatre is a gorgeous venue, and if you are ever near or around the area. Take a look at all the detail and craftsmanship that goes into this place. I could personally sit and look around for hours upon hours. There is so much to take in!


I had the best date in the house!! So honored to have him by my side!

Sunday Funday… 

Sunday started off as every Sunday does with Church service at NorthRidge. This week we had a guest worship leader. Mr. Phil Wickham lead our worship with an acoustic performance of a few of his songs. If you have never heard of his music check him out. He has an amazing voice, and a great message! – This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham 

Emily splits her time between two’s a long story for another time. But she had to head back to spend the week with him. So Ryan and I ended up with a lunch at Bayside, which involved some summer shandy on a patio at one of our local lakes, some shopping. When we still had some daylight and it was sunny  and in the high 70’s we made  our way back to the beach. Oh so not ready for bikini weather, but hey my partner looks sexy enough for the two of us. It was nice to actually feel heat, and play by the water, listen to music and have a couple mimosas.


Our four legged daughter, Shelby joined us, because honestly she usually gets the short end of the stick and stuck at home, between our crazy schedules both during the week and weekend. She loves the water like every other Labrador Retriever. She has been with us since she was 9 weeks old, and is as close as we are getting to a second child. Shelby is Ryan’s hunting partner. She is a master duck and small games hunter, well maybe a little more family orientated then the normal hunting dog. But we wouldn’t trade her either!


Joshua 24:15 “But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.. but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.


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