When life only had two bathroom choices…

First off, I never… I mean, I never try to get in the middle of political conversations.. I am more of a sit back and watch the world unfold around me, take in all the comments and views… Well until someone pushes that one button and I find my voice. I went back and forth on posting a blog about the #BoycottTarget issue, or more importantly the President of the United States cutting funding for schools who don’t open the issue of gender identifying bathrooms. I am not knowledgeable in all areas of this issue, so my opinion is just my opinion and I am open to all views and thoughts on topics of many controversies…like this one!

So my thoughts, first off I love Target, I mean what woman doesn’t?!.. Well maybe that lady that took the Bible and ran through Target making a scene, but that’s her views, and honestly what the bible states for her to do. Since this whole thing broke out we haven’t shopped there as often, actually only one time… not sure if its on purpose or my subconscious. I’m still waiting to see the effects of this. Targets CEO states the bathrooms will still be open to gender identification and that nothing will be taken back, as they are down 1 billion dollars this period. That is fine, it’s that stores choice to have its beliefs and what it stands for, same as Hobby Lobby being closed on Sundays for worship and family time, it’s 2016 this all shouldn’t be a surprise.

Here’s my thoughts.. I am a supporter of the LGBT community, honestly it’s their lifestyle, and way of life who am I to judge. They will take that up with the good Lord above at their time. But when my daughter goes into the bathroom I hope that there isn’t a boy in there with her, because that day he identifies with being a girl. I understand the importance of people needing to feel comfortable in their skin. However I am not even sure if my 8 year old knows the sexual difference between boys and girls,  I know, I know.. I am coming up on those hard conversations very soon, mostly because I am not ready for her to grow up.

This affects all genders, ages and lifestyles, I know I have probably gone to the bathroom with transgenders before, those are whom I am not worried about. I am worried about that guy that walks into a girls bathroom at the bar and harasses a girl who has probably had to many, grabs her and forces her to do things. Yes I know that girl can get raped on her way home, in the parking lot, or drugged. But letting both sexes share the same bathroom is an open invitation to issues. I’ve been to numerous concerts where I just wish I was able to use the males restroom heck their line are half the length of ours. I’ve been stopped by security every time. I am sure they have a valid point right?!

How about your local gym, there’s a female locker room and male locker room. Our gym even has a family locker room for those mothers who bring their sons, and dads that bring their daughters. Keep them separate. A guy in the girls locker room is asking for trouble, our phones and technology are so advance now, who knows what videos and pictures he/she would get in a quick walk through. It honestly makes me uneasy as a grown adult thinking about it. I don’t want to get undress in front of any guys minus my husband.

I am also aware that females also can be predators, taking advantage of males. We see our teachers and other female “role models” on the news all the time for sex with students. It happens. It’s unacceptable.

There’s more to this issue then those who are transgender feel right in their body…
To the boy who identifies as a girl … gets beat up for being in the boys bathroom.. but gets stared at in the girls bathroom…

To solve this issue: How about family restrooms, single bathrooms…!!!

It is 2016, we have single dads, single moms, handicap people, I am more surprised we don’t have that many family single stall handicap accessible bathrooms. Wouldn’t that solve all the issues. We need changing tables in all bathrooms, my husband couldn’t once take our daughter to change her diaper when she was little as they never had any changing tables. I know as a mother it would have been nice, to be able to sit while my husband change a diaper out at a restaurant or store.

It is 2016, our kids are being raised in a totally different view of life than our grandparents did.

There are lesbians and gays, and maybe we making more of a big deal about the transgender issue than there needs to be…

I saw one meme that stated these….

“It wasn’t about water fountains in the 60’s and it isn’t about bathrooms now.. Stop the Hate”




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