The waiting game, is harder than ever…

Cancer: I believe in this day and age, we have all been affected by it in some way or another, and pretty much all our hearts sink when we hear the word.

Cancer, has taken many lives in our immediate family, including my Mother.

I had a physical in the end April, where my doctor felt a nodule on my thyroid, she wanted to double check it, and sent me for an ultrasound the same day I had my ultrasound, she called and informed me that the nodule was bigger than she liked, and would like to do a fine-needle biopsy. As soon as I could I schedule the biopsy, May 9th I went in for the procedure. I am usually pretty relaxed and not too much of a worrier. But this has me all sorts of shaken. My mother just passed away at the age of 48 last year to throat cancer. Yes, I know she was a smoker, it was caught later than sooner, and all sorts of other factors. But that doesn’t help the cause when someone is taking samples of a nodule in your throat and sending them to the pathologist for testing. 3-5 days they say.. 3-5 days… the longest 3-5 days ever.

Positive thinking that it’s not cancer, and just an extra love growth that I get to live with.

Thursday 5/12: Woke Up with an e-mail regarding an update in my medical chart. Anxious it was the first thing I checked before getting ready for work. Took a deep breath and read… ughh of course, it was just the paperwork regards the procedure they did and there were no complications while at the hospital…

We Wait Again…..

Finally as of May 13, 2016 – It is not cancer, and I can breath again…




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