Change; Some Hate It… I Love It!

When it comes to change I embrace it! I am that person that rearranges the furniture a million times, re-decorates, changes outfits, new purses, updates my nail polish every two weeks and loves new styles, and updates everything with “what’s in” like clock work.

I am always interested in doing something different, why not?
Live a little on the edge, don’t be so predictable.
Embrace It!

This past week I changed my look. Every time I go get my hair done, I am notorious for saying “Do what ever you want!” Honestly I trust Kate, she’s been my go to girl for a couple years now, and was the make up/hair stylist for my wedding (the most important photo shoot day of my life). She is amazing and owns her own On-Site Wedding Hair/Make-Up Company, and a complete goof! Well earlier this week she sent me a picture, and goes we are doing this…. but only if you like it!

OMGOODNESS, I’ve never had such red hair, we have put streaks in with my blonde just to have a little fun. Well I am now a red head… and honestly I LOVE IT!! I love being able to do what ever you want with your hair, you can change it and if it doesn’t work out just change it back. Red honestly fades really fast and I probably will only be sporting the fun new do for a couple weeks, but I am so happy that I am able to embrace change and move forward. Maybe this is why I changed my major thirty millions time through college.

Here’s a peak! Also rocking one of my new buckle outfits!





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