April Showers..Bring May Showers?

Spring Time in Michigan = Construction Barrels; Seriously I always feel our whole state is under construction, and honestly right now it practically is. I can’t complain too much considering that keeps me employed. I am a Project Manager for Earthwork Construction Company, so lets keep building!

When barrels are out, means our guys are working and Michigan economy is on the rise. It’s been a long road coming.

This Spring has been awfully wet. A couple of my projects are just waiting for the rain to break to get in and get out without making a bigger mess. But for some reason mother nature has decided to make it more like April Showers.. Bring May Showers..Which might bring June Flowers.

I have a secret love for Spring! Minus I have no skill for planting or growing anything, I am actually pretty good at killing all our plants. However there is nothing more adorable than seeing baby animals in the yard even while hanging out in the middle of the city. Our yard is about an acre, and home to not just our dog Shelby, but like other backyards also bunnies, moles, raccoons, opossums, birds, and tons of other bugs and stuff. This spring we are enjoying a robins nest up close and personal. She has made her nest in the lamp by our front door. (Who knows where the lid went, I swear she hit it off). My mom got me a beautiful bird bath for Mother’s Day a few years ago which is conveniently right underneath her and Emily made pine cones dipped in peanut butter and bird seed, which I am giving credit to the other 4 Robin’s nest around our house. I am pretty sure they figured they had it made, living at our house.

Here’s her beauty now:



I’ll follow up in future post of our new house mates!



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