Move Over StitchFix, Buckle is in Town!

In one of my previous post, I did a review on my first StitchFix box.
Can be found here.. #StitchFix – First and…

I ended up originally only keeping  one piece of clothing from my box. “The Skies are Blue” shirt was one of my husbands favorites, and I really enjoyed the crochet detailed around the top, however it didn’t even last a day. When I made it work one morning, sat at my desk, I noticed a snag in the shirt its self, ughhhh for a 54$ shirt it should have been better quality than that, so returned went!
Conveniently, right before I signed up for StitchFix, Buckle e-mailed about their new program called BuckleSelect. Buckle is one my favorite stores, and I have major problems with not buying the whole store while I am there, for myself or my husband, who can have enough jeans, am I right?!
Well since I was already committed to my first box at StitchFix I held off. Waiting for that box, to give something new a chance. I should have known my style and gut.

BuckleSelect process is way different from start to finish, I actually talked to my stylist (Anna) on the phone, told her my styles, and we texted back and forth for about a week; she would send outfit photos I’d tell her what I liked about the pieces or didn’t, and then I stated a price point I wanted to stay around. I paid for pieces I had no idea I was getting (that was kind of weird) but I was so excited to see what she finally picked for me and was impatiently waiting for the box to show up on our porch. I received my first box yesterday and I couldn’t be happier!

I have four new shirts prices ranging from 26$-46$ a piece.

Shirts that I can wear to work, on the weekends, date nights, and to church.
How can it get any better than that!!!

I can not wait for my June box… Shh don’t tell my husband!!


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