#StitchFix – First and…

Sometimes my shopping habits get the best of me. Just ask my husband…
For Christmas this past year one of my gifts was to do a monthly subscription to any product i.e. workout clothes, undergarments, new shoes, work clothes, make up, or even wine (my other passion)!
So this past month I mentioned that I think I want a new wardrobe, after some research of cost and how this whole process worked.

I choose StitchFix!

I mean who doesn’t love getting mail, much less knowing that it contains a new outfit!
I was pumped! I couldn’t wait for the e-mail saying it was shipped.
Stitch Fix cost $20 a month, but that cost can be placed to what you purchase, or if you purchase your whole box you get a percentage off the box, if you don’t like anything return the whole/partial box for free, and try again next month!
I answered all the stylist questions, how much I wanted to spend, what I like to wear, what I do for living, size ect..

So my first box was shipped!! Received it last week! Ahhh so much excitement.
As I opened my letter, and began digging through every piece I was in heaven!

I dug right into the shoe that was sent!

I love shoes and could have a different pair for every outfit. 13096004_10103894303776028_6277980931296195209_n

I could wear the heck out of this wedge. After further review the quality wasn’t what I expected it to be, and for $100. I returned it. Bummer…


Faux- Leather Jacket – I went back and forth with this product, I even wore it to work one day. Just to feel out the fit. Was a little bagging in the arms, and just wanted it to be a little more fitted. – Returned


Coral Sweater – I liked it but not in love with it, typical mom stuff, that I was trying to stay away from. – Returned


Kut – Kate Jeans, I love me some jeans, I own way to many than I know what to do with. Cute, but – Returned


Striped Blue/Crochet Shirt – I love the detail at the top, and was comfy. It was my husband’s favorite, and I could wear it on the weekends, or even to work. It was a – KEEPER.

After reviewing the options and going back and forth on if the cost vs. quality was worth every penny. I kept one item, and addressed my issues in the review process StitchFix has.

Haven’t completely decided if I am going to do a second go..
I have contact another monthly stylist company, and I know personally their clothing and value, here’s to seeing what they have to offer!



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