Let There Be Cowgirls.

We live in the city, within a short walking distance, we can order food, get groceries, get our hair cut, go to about 5 fast food restaurants, get liquor, lottos, and gas. We can hear the traffic from our front porch, hear the firetrucks leave the station in an emergency, spy on our neighbors and gossip with others.

I’ve always lived in the city, or been pretty close to the city life. We are able to go anywhere we want in 15 mile radius, hopefully things are about to change this fall!

Moving to the country! Okay now let’s talk about what country means living in Michigan. As we had to explain to Emily (our daughter) who is under the impression we won’t have internet in the new house. We will still be probably 30 minutes from a major city that will hold the movie theater, mall and shopping centers. But we will have space. There will be a pole barn for Ryan’s workshop, a huge yard for play, no pesky neighbors, close to the wildlife, and again space, a place to turn a house into Our Home! Front porch sitting, wine drinking, relaxing life. We will be closer to the lakes for fishing, parks for hunting, and sounds of nature instead of the city. Don’t get me wrong I also could live in the heart of New York City. I love the busy life, however for the sanity of my husband we can be were he is meant to live, and travel everywhere else.

This weekend we bought our first pair of cowgirl boots. Not because we are completely crazy, our best friends are getting married in August and needed them for our ensemble. Super cute and comfy! Emily got her first pair because lets be honest I am a sucker..and she wants to take horse back riding lessons again this summer.

She wants a horse, and determined when we move that she is going to buy one. Here’s to her understanding the care that needs to goes into a horse. Not that I don’t think she would have the passion for such an animal, it will be the actual work. Hoping we can find her a barn, or summer camp to actually get hands on, hold onto those big dreams cutie.

We can’t wait to move out of the city.
We can’t wait to make a home.
We can’t wait for the future.
We can’t wait…


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  1. I suggest that a year or two of regular riding lessons will be invaluable for your daughter, and for the parent’s education, too! Her dedication to horse care can be determined, in a safe manner, before committing to actually owning a horse. Plus, she will meet friends who also have the “horse bug.”

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    1. beuhappy says:

      Thank you! We were given a couple place locally to check out and learn, she rode a couple summers ago and really enjoyed it. But the knowledge we hold is minimal. We received a quick run down of Eastern Riding vs. Western Riding, while purchasing our boots. I have so much to learn too! I wouldn’t even know where to start in owning a horse. This has been a “horse bug” for about 3 years and counting. I don’t ever remember wanting a horse! Thank you for the help!


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