Two Beautiful Weekends in a Row?!

I am an organized junkie, if you grabbed my phone right now you’d almost say I’m a little bit OCD. I keep a calendar of everything, I am the holder of all in our household. But like you, you understand why…between my schedule, my husbands, our daughters, school stuff, work stuff, and all the family events, we are busy! All our friends joke around about how Ryan has to check the calendar if we are free first. Little do they know they will be there some day….

Summer is the hectic time, as I am sure it is with most people, between new babies and weddings, birthdays and BBQs. We find ourselves losing track of time, and our days.

Ryan and I have began taking time for ourselves, getting married was probably the best thing for us. Understanding what each other needs are, and understand we are who each other have until our last day on this planet.

Like every other weekend, we were scrambling to be here at this time, be there at that time. But as Sunday began to whined down, we decided to get out of our church clothes and head to the park. There is this little lake tucked back in one of our State Parks we hike back to, usually to let the dog swim. Sunday we watch the sunset.


There are these little mini beaches all the way around the lake, so you have privacy. It is romantic, if you get passed the sound of local freeway in the background. (perks of living in the city). But these are the moments we live for. Spending quality time with ones we love. This weekend was all about love.

Celebrating Ryan’s 29th birthday, with a surprise dinner, and drinks at the local piano bar.
Romantic evening away from home.
Baptism of our best friend’s youngest.
Cuddles on the beach, listening to music, laughing and a little make out session.
To be young and care free, well for a few hours.


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