Things they don’t teach you…

29 years on this earth, living my life… yet there are some things they never teach you. Ryan and I vow to teach our daughter theses things.. because why the heck hasn’t anyone taught us this! Something would be best to not learn on the fly!

1. Balancing a Check Book – Okay, I mean credits and debits not to shabby, until the local school has 400$ worth of checks that for some reason they have not cashed in over 3 weeks, (true story). Honestly thank god for mobile banking, I mean how did our parents keep all those receipts straight. I can’t even stand change in my purse.
2. Credit Report – We all have one, oh that medical bill you didn’t pay while you were in college, yeah it’s gonna haunt you for 7 years. Paying bills on time, and at least a portion at a time. Get a small credit card, put gas on it, pay it off, gain credit.
3. Insurance Information – What the heck does HRA, spend down, coverage and my deductibles and all that other jazz mean, not just on my car insurance, but also the health insurance forms… HELP!
4. Buying a Car – Yeah, you need money, and a decent credit. Ask the right questions, shop around, don’t settle and ask for free stuff. (Who knew…. )
5. Getting Married – Yeah, it’s not all that cheap… every way around… But oh so worth it!
6. Having Kids – Okay we all know how kids are made, but do you really understand their cost?! Ryan and I became parents at 19, and work our butts off to support and raise a daughter the best we could. We always laughed at our friends when they would want to do something and we would have to pass, and say not tonight. While now Ryan and I are able to do random things, and money to go out. Our friends however shoes on the other foot.
7. Taxes – Seriously…. why?! Where are the days were we got a refund? How do we get a redo. Ryan own’s his own finish carpentry business, and if we only knew then what we know now, or heck even if we understood the brackets, what we could deduct, and what helps and hurts.. boy have we learned a lot in the last 3 years.
8. Buying a Flipping House – This is where our frustration is at now! Okay, step by step tell me what we need: Mortgage Broker, Realtor, should we have to pay someone to help us with finding the correct mortgage company, what percentage should we put down, how much can we really afford, where do we want to live, are the schools good? Wait what are points? Do we pay those? Closing cost, who has that? Credit score.. is it better for both of us to be on the mortgage, wait since we are married now do I have to be on it. (…secretly if anything happens in Michigan the wife gets the house no matter what (not so secret)). I am more stressed out in buying a house, than playing our wedding for two years.

Why don’t they teach us this stuff..this is key information to make it past graduation, and getting a job. This sets us up for the rest of our lives, we need to teach our kids the importance of all this, and how to better there lives. We should be moving forward!


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