Hold your breath.. but I believe it is SPRING!!

Us Michiganers, never get our hopes up, considering we had record-able snow last weekend, but by golly we might have hit spring! This weekend was GORGEOUS!!! From Friday – Sunday nothing but sunny skies.

We are outdoorsy people, it’s in our blood! There will be tons of adventures outdoors in this blog.

We spent this last weekend doing all sorts of fun! 

My husband and I mountain bike.. Okay maybe he mountain bikes and I tag along.. S.L.O.W.L.Y. This past weekend, we decided maybe our 8 1/2 year old daughter would like to give it a go. She was great on those straight paths, and good at picking up the speed going up hill. However that going downhill, dodging trees was a little much.
Emily panic and fell.
She started getting worked up and I felt every bit for her, not just as her mommy but  I was in her shoes before, when Ryan and I met he was the adventurous one, and has brought that side out in me. I remember one trail throwing my bike down and acting like an five year old, and was just over this so called fun of mountain biking. Emily didn’t do that, she picked up her bike, got back on & finished the portion of the trail we were going to do. She is our daredevil. When she was five years old she mastered zip lining at summer camp, she does everything at least once, and usually is awesome at it.

When biking was over rated about 2 and half hours later..we played a game of catch in the baseball field, went to the tennis courts and attempted this sport. Who really plays tennis? I mean it’s a lot of work… A LOT! But I’m pretty sure my teammate rocked and we beat daddy!

Headed home for some BBQ chicken on the grill, nothing beats the smell of the grill after five months of winter! Followed by reading a book for pleasure, its nice to have my school books out of my hand and actually read! (Currently reading – Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan) while sipping a glass of wine, listening to all the birds! How do you complete the perfect Saturday.. a trip to Dairy Queen! In our family DQ is almost a food group! We can do some damage to ice cream. Including our dog, Shelby, she loves her doggy cone, then begs for the rest of ours, good thing daddy never finishes his.

Our Sunday was just as refreshing, a great service on the “Word of God” – From the book of James during church service. Made it home in time, to load up the boat and head to the Detroit River, because the Walleye fishing is about to get REAL! Fishing with a little girl and dog makes for a short trip but was nice to get out on the water! (I lost one, and Ryan thinks he missed one.) Here’s to next weekend!

I am overly thankful for weekends like the past one, it was perfect! I didn’t even take any pictures, and live for those guys!

Makes sitting in my office, looking out at the beautiful day just passing by so painful, but hey someone has to pay the bills right?! Here’s to hoping Spring is here to Stay!

Last but not least lets not forget… Let’s Go Red Wings… Boyle.. you suck!


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