So, Does It Feel Different?

“So Does It?”……

In the last four months this question has been addressed to Ryan and I more than we can imagine. We “finally” made it “official” in November! Those quotations have been inserted because it is true, we finally got married!

Ryan and I started dating in 2007. (I’ll save that story for another post!)
Young and naive that is for sure.
After dating for eight long years we did it, we tied the knot! We had the best wedding ever! -I might be a little bias – But what would happen after we said “I do”, unpacked all our dirty clothes from the honeymoon, made our way back to work, and the daily grind. Would we  feel different, would we act different. You hear all those stories about the spouses change…they don’t do this, they don’t do that. We figured we had it in the bag, I mean after eight years I am sure we are who we are. It wouldn’t feel different.

Boy, was I wrong! 

Signing my name at the bottom of that document did change more than my last name.
He is now my husband. Just typing it makes me smile. He is, and is forever my husband. Our relationship is far from perfect.. but now I have someone who will be with me until the end. He will be there when our daughter graduates, gets married and has kids of her own. He is my partner, he is my best friend, he is there to stand up for me and hold me when I can no longer stand. My heart feels fuller, I know that through thick and thin we have each other. Getting married did make us feel different, but different in a good way!

Feeling different is not always a bad thing, embrace the change! Embrace Love!
Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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